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My vacation

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OK so i went to South Carolina for 3-4 days. I left saturday the 27th out of BWI but my flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight in charlotte, NC which was at 7:25pm, luckily there was another flight out but not until 9:55pm. Then i finally make it to the savannah airport and i get back to my friends place and i realize that i left the keys to the suicase lock at home, Saturday was just wonderful. I went to bed not long after that. Sunday morning I get the suprise news that my friend has feelings for another good friend of mine. I get the lock off my suitcase and i'm trying not to think about the suprise. we go to church and then out to lunch and to a play that her sisters were in. Monday we went shopping and then came home and had lunch and took a nap, then we packed up a picnic dinner and had a picnic on the beach. oh the water was soo warm and we played frisbee and i fell backwards into a ditch, that was fun.:) Tuesday we went to the beach with her sister and niece and nephew, luckily this time i had my bathing suit on and could really get in the water. Later that evening packed up out stuff and got ready for the ride home. Wednesday we left the house at 5am and she drove us into North Carolina and we switched drivers and i drove us into Virginia. She took over drove through most of Virginia where i then took over and drove us to my house where we unloaded my crap and she went to her uncle's house. I didn't last long before i went and laid down and slept for 2 hours. For some reason even though i was still tired last night and went to bed around 11 i can't seem to sleep in past 8:00. I was up this morning at 7:45 and i just finished breakfast with Kelly and came to the library to get online cuz my phones aren't working again so there for the DSL isn't working. well thats all for now i'm sure there will be more drama to come.
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